- Our Mission -

The Break Diving Mission

Break Diving™ is a Delaware corporation, headquartered in New York, organized for charitable purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code to lead and inspire people worldwide at any stage of life to dream bigger, act more boldly, and discover, embrace, and successfully pursue their life purpose... and then share that enthusiasm to excel with others. Instead of waiting for opportunities to float to the surface, Break Divers dive right in to the cold and icy shark-infested waters of resistance and find and make their own breaks.

Break Diving--through the creation of a worldwide community of winners that uses the latest in modern psychology and other techniques to effectuate positive change in people's lives--helps individuals find career and life success against all odds through the development of great ambition; positive mental attitude and greater physical health; increase opportunities; enhanced business skills; stronger friendships, families, and communities; deeper world and cultural understanding; and less sadness, loneliness, depression, and self-doubt.

We accomplish our mission through mentoring, coaching, adult education, direct support and encouragement of others, cultural exchange and development, scientific research, and by changing the world for the better through individual and combined effort.

Specifically, Break Diving, Inc., creates and provides programs to enhance lives worldwide in the areas of access to education, animal protection, the arts, career development, child and animal adoption encouragement programs, Christianity, disaster relief, educational travel, entertainment,

entrepreneurship, environmental protection, health and fitness, individual psychological development, language acquisition and mastery, legal services, medical services, positive thinking, safety, sports, support of military, support of police, support of veterans, time management, and wish fulfillment.

We hope both members and non-members the world over will learn and embrace the philosophy behind the Break Diver's Creed: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.TM

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No rules. No excuses. No regrets.™

无拘束。没借口。 不后悔。™