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As of 4/3/20

About Our Endowment

Break Diving, Inc. is proud to have launched its own endowment. This means we invest money regularly and each month it kicks off interest that one day will allow us to have a regular source of income to keep our charity running.

Ours is a semi-permanent endowment, i.e. the principal balance will never be touched except in the case of grave financial catastrophe, as determined by the board of directors. Our ultimate goal is to surpass one million dollars, as that could kick off $5,000 (or more) per month, thus ensuring the perpetual existence of Break Diving, and ensuring that we always have scholarship money to offer to individuals worldwide.

How it works: when someone makes a one-time donation that is entirely used for one expense, the money only does good once. But if the money is added to an endowment, and that endowment receives interest off of the principal, then that original donation does good every month! Cool, right?

Our mission is to reach $1,000,000 by the year 2025. Any donation greater than $25 will result in a portion going to the endowment, and the balance going to operating expenses.

Will you help us fund our future and become a part of history by making a contribution to our endowment too? Just $25 is all it takes, and will help keep us offering our positive career and life growth services to people around the world.