- Free Services - Yep, It's True!-

Free Classes

Yes, we offer many free group classes online via live video group chat.

It's easy to get started: Simply find the classes that interest you on our booking page, find the next available date, and enroll! It's as easy as that.

SUPER IMPORTANT BOOKING POLICY: Please be considerate. If you can't make it, simply cancel! We have a strict policy about this: 3 strikes and you're out. We hate to be strict, but we have to be in order to be fair to others who may end up missing classes due to non-availability, and to respect the time of teachers who do not want to show up to a class with no one there. So, if you enroll, fail to cancel, and then do not show up, and this happens three times in any given calendar year, you will be prohibited from enrolling in any future classes for the next 12 months. But don't worry: it's super easy to cancel from your phone! All of these polices and parameters may change at any time, so please be flexible as we continue to develop this program.

Rules For Playing Nice

Please respect other students. We are a community of helpful winners, not a community of rude critics.

Please respect our tutors and coaches. All of them are volunteers. We have a policy that requires all new tutors and coaches to volunteer first for many hours, even if the student is paying money. Later, once they become paid tutors/coaches, they are all required to volunteer a certain number of hours per month. So you never know if the coach or tutor you are working with is being paid or... generously giving you his or her time. Either way, they are all still human, so please, be considerate and understanding, just as they will be with you.

Our booking system is designed to send reminders to both teachers and students. We do this in an effort to avoid missed classes. However, we also know that sometimes life happens. If you have an emergency and miss a class, we will be understanding. If one of our tutors has an emergency and misses a class, we ask that you too be understanding. We're all in this together to help one another succeed--be patient and understanding and success will happen a lot more quickly.

Free Coaching & Tutoring

As for free coaching & tutoring, this is how it works:

We have an amazing and FREE worldwide community. Those who are active members of our FREE online community receive something we call "tacos" for helping others and accomplishing great things. You can read more about our free community and the taco program to help you better understand. We also encourage you to join our free community to see firsthand what we're all about.

The tacos you earn are redeemable for Break Diving services: one free live one-on-one Fluency Project tutoring session per month per language; one free live one-on-one Break Diving tutoring session per month; and one free live one-on-one Coaching session every year--as long as you have earned enough tacos for that service.

Once you redeem your tacos, you will be sent a coupon code for a free tutoring session or coaching session

Just to make sure you all know that we are sincere in our offer to help you for free, your very first single tutoring AND single coaching session are totally free, no strings attached, and you don't even have to join our community. Aren't we awesome?

After that, if you want to continue in our free tutoring program, we ask that you join our free community, and start volunteering your time helping others. Your positive contributions WILL be noticed, and other members WILL end up giving you tacos to say 'thanks'.

Bottom line, it's just that simple.

If you ever want to take more tutoring or coaching sessions per month, or year, you can always purchase additional classes, tutoring sessions, and coaching sessions. No obligation--only if you like.

SUPER IMPORTANT BOOKING POLICY: Be patient. Some of our free tutoring and coaching services are in high demand, with a low supply of volunteer tutors and coaches. Therefore, depending on how many tutors/coaches we currently have, and how popular the service is that you are seeking, you may have to join our waitlist. If you would like to put your name on the waitlist, please send an email to info@breakdiving.org. All of these polices and parameters may change at any time, so please be flexible as we continue to develop this program.