- How To Use Our Slack Community -

The Community Itself

If you are here, it's because you need help understanding how to use our free Break Diving Slack community. After you read this brief tutorial, you'll be officially an expert!

First off, what is our Break Diving community? The Break Diving community is a place for you to find inspiration, encouragement, motivation, friendship, knowledge, and comraderie from people around the world. Whatever--and we mean WHATEVER--you are trying to do, we can help!

Basic Tips and Tricks

  • All channels have a prefix to keep them grouped by categories, as follows:
    • bd = Break Diving (Our main program)
    • ua = Unstoppable Artists (For artists and entertainers)
    • fp = Fluency Project (For linguaphiles)
    • wv = World Views (For world travelers)
    • ga = Gold Ambitions (For athletes)
    • livein = Live In (To find members who live near you)
  • Once you join, you are automically added to the main bd channels. However, there are over 50 more subchannels in all of these above categories. Click on 'channels' and you will see a full list of them all. You may join as many as you like.
  • Be SURE to download the phone app and if you have a PC, to download the desktop app as well.
  • Be SURE to turn on notifications, so you are notified if you are mentioned.
  • If you want someone to respond, be sure to use the @ symbol plus that person's screenname, i.e. to get the attention of Executive Director Monroe Mann, don't just write: Hey Monroe! Write: Hey @monroemann! And then he will receive a notification.
  • You can also send private messages to any member. However, we ask that you keep as many conversations as possible in public channels so that others may benefit from what is being said.
  • We have over 3,300 members worldwide, but not all are as active as they should be. Please, be one of the active ones! If someone doesn't respond immediately, please don't abandon the group. Come back in a day or two and you'll see that someone responded, even in the foreign language channels. Our community is growing by at least 15 people per day. If everyone simply came back to visit and speak up even just once a week, our community would be even more flourishing! Don't be a follower--be a leader! Help encourage others to participate! Applaud the work of others through tacos (see below)! Join our volunteer team! Help make a difference in the world and you will see the difference in your own world start to take shape!

Free Business & Career Tips from Harvard University

We have partnered up with Harvard Business Review to allow members to receive free business and career tips from HBR. Want to sign up? In any channel, type: @hbr then follow the instructions that follow!

How to Use HeyTaco!

We have partnered up with HeyTaco to provide a way for members to show appreciation for one another. Each member has 10 tacos to give out per day to other members.

But we don't give out these powerfully uplifiting tacos to just anyone--we only give tacos for five reasons:

  1. To show appreciation
  2. To say thanks
  3. To encourage someone who is having difficulty
  4. To welcome a new member WHO SAY SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME (don't just give them to new members who didn't actually contribute anything)
  5. To congratulate someone who has done something awesome

It's easy to give someone a taco. And in any public channel, simply type the @ symbol and type that person's username, and then type the taco emoji. You can do so by typing :taco: . And then, explain why you are giving that person a taco.

You can also add 'taco tags' like on twitter, for example, the most common ones we use are #greatjob!, #thankyou!, #yourock! Be sure to use the exclamation point at the end! You can create your own tags as well, if you like.

This is an example of how it all works. If I were giving a taco to a user named JoeB1234, it would look like this: @JoeB1234 here is a :taco: for graduating college! #greatjob! And then that user would receive a private message from HeyTaco that you gave him or her a taco.

Even cooler: the tacos are actually money! The more tacos you receive from others, the more Break Diving goods and services you can redeem them for in the HeyTaco shop. To visit the shop, just type the following in any public channel: @heytaco leaderboard Then select a time period. You'll then see the top 10 members in that time period AND at the bottom, a link that says, "See full leaderboard". Go there.

On the full leaderboard, you can see how many tacos everyone has given and received, how many 'super taco's you can share with others, and see what gifts you are eligible to purchase using the tacos you have received! We do this as an encouragement to you to help others in our community and to also accomplish great things!

Finally, the more tacos you give and receive, the more 'super tacos' open up for you to share with others. So don't be afraid to start recognizing others today! And always remember to share WHY you are giving someone a taco. It's no fun to receive a taco and not know why you are receiving it--it also diminishes the value of receiving a taco.

NOTE: you cannot share tacos in private channels. Only public channels. You only have 10 tacos you can give out per day. Please do not randomly or corruptly give out tacos--please be honest and only give them to people who deserve them, and who satisfy one of the five reasons listed above.

Happy Tacoing!

Now, it's time to get slacking!

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