大家好! 欢迎光临!

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy at the Break Diving Fluency Project is that anyone can become fluent in a foreign language with enough practice opportunities.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide you with the tools and live practice opportunties to develop total fluency: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while making friends from around the world.

COME JOIN US: Learn, Practice, & Master Chinese! We are a dedicated and serious Chinese language community, and can't wait to see you come join us!

We hope you will join Break Diving and our Chinese Fluency Project!


In other words, why trust us?

Resources & Friendship

Whether you have already passed HSK6, or are just starting out learning Mandarin Chinese, we have the people and resources to help you out even more. Most importantly, you will make true friends with others around the world pursuing the same dive. It's quite fun!

Practice Makes Perfect

Studying Chinese is one thing, but actually practicing reading, writing, speaking, and listening on a regular basis is something completely different. We give you opportunities to do all of the above. The result: you will progress faster and more efficiently towards your goals.

Worldwide Community

Break Divers don't wait for for opportunities. They dive in to the cold and icy shark-infested waters of resistance and make their own breaks. And we do this worldwide. Not just with Chinese, but with hundreds of dives, from acting to Zimbabwe! Come join us.


What Is Break Diving?

OUR MISSION: Break Diving is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity, based in the United States with one focus: your happiness and success. But we don't like working with 'takers'--we want to help those who love to help others too. If you are willing to share your talents, gifts, and education with others, we will all be happy to share ours with you too.

THE FLUENCY PROJECT: Fluency Project has one mission: to help you become fluent in foreign languages. There is no easy route to foreign language victory, but we know what it takes: HARD WORK. In other words: Reading; Writing; Speaking; Listening; And increasing your vocabulary on a daily basis. Ready to join us and get to work?


A comprehensive community.

Live Chinese Chat

Chat live with others in Chinese. 你准备好了吗?

Come and chat in Chinese with others in our live chat room.

Reading and writing in real-time can help you dramatically improve your Chinese language skills.


Group Message Board

Have questions? Need feedback on your essay? Want to share a photo?

Why post on English social media when you can post in Chinese?

Post longer messages in Chinese. Get feedback on something you're working on. Write a short essay and receive responses in Chinese!

Of course, you can post in English too, if that helps you!


Support & Encouragement

Studying alone can get very lonely at times. So don't!

We are all here to help you. With members in China to those in New York, and from native speakers to total beginners, we stand ready to help you reach your goals and we genuinely want to become your new friend too!

If you want to learn all the shortcuts, we have the answers you seek.

Note: there aren't many shortcuts, haha!


Live Get-Togethers

Both online and in person, we want you to meet others!

Nothing can ever compare to face-to-face encounters. So join us!

Whether via our online video conferences, or through in-person meetings in a major city near you, we want our members to meet, interact, and embrace their dreams face to face.

The more you practice live, speaking and listening, the more proficient you will become.


3 Steps To Success!

  • 1
    Apply for Membership

    We don't just accept anyone. We are quite unique in that regard. We only accept those who prove they are serious about learning, contributing, sharing, and progressing. Complete our application, and make your case for why you'd be a great member!

  • 2
    Create an Account & Get Involved

    Get accepted, create your profile, and make your introduction. If you can introduce yourself totally in Chinese... go for it! The more active you are and help others, the more others will actively help you too. Make efforts to help others with their dives, and look how generously they too will support yours!

  • 3
    Make Progress & Invite Your Friends

    After you join, you will see firsthand what an amazing community we have. So the next steps are to keep up the great participation, and then invite your friends! Be sure they bring their dreams with them. The more the merrier!


What Our Members Say


Frequently Asked Questions

It's Really Free?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, and so basic membership and participation in our community is free. As you progress, if you want to pursue more dives, or get certified at particular levels, you can pay with earned rockets, or purchase an all-access annual membership.

How Long Have You Been Around?

Break Diving, Inc. was founded in 2016, and we just recently launched this new community in early 2019. So, invite your friends and help us grow!

Is There A Mobile App?

Not yet, but it's in the works. In the meantime, our community is fully mobile responsive.

Are There Any Participation Requirements?

Yup! We expect our members to actively pursue their dreams, share in our community, and help other members. We take steps to encourage renewed participation from those who have disappeared, but if there is no success, we regularly delete the accounts of inactive members. Don't let that be you!

Apply Today. It's Free!

Break Diving's Fluency Project

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