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Break Diving & App Academy: Revolutionizing How People Learn To Code

Learn to code online in two steps.
STEP 1. Gain access to App Academy’s entire world-class full-stack rails/javascript curriculum FOR FREE
STEP 2. Gain the motivation & support you need in Break Diving’s incredible worldwide H.A.C.K.ers coding community, ALSO FOR FREE.

"I learned more real-world skills at App Academy in 12 weeks than my Stanford degree taught me."

"Thanks to Break Diving, I have strengthened my coding skills and found supportive friends who motivate me to be my best."

App Academy's Program is Perfect For All Skill Levels

With App Academy Open you’ll get free access to App Academy’s entire in-person full-stack curriculum, which has placed thousands of people in software development jobs at companies like Google, Apple and more. On the Free plan you’ll get over 1,500 hours of material (readings, videos, projects), an interactive coding environment and community features like chat to keep you connected with thousands of prospective developers across the globe. You’ll learn Javascript, Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

Interactive Coding Environment

Don’t struggle with setting up your coding environment for hours. We’ve built one directly into the platform so you can get started right away!

Step By Step Interactive Lessons

Each lesson has video, text, examples, and interactive coding exercises to prove you know what you just learned. When you complete the program, you will be a full stack developer.

Readings, Videos, and Projects

The curriculum has been developed with influence from the biggest names in tech. You’ll learn everything full-stack from JavaScript to Ruby on Rails, and more.

Break Diving's Coding Community Makes Coding More Fun!

Don't code alone! Learning to code with others at Break Diving will make your coding adventures at App Academy a lot more fun and effective. With the comaraderie you enjoy at Break Diving, you are less likely to quit, and will progress even faster.

Here's a fact: the # 1 reason that people quit learning to code is because they run into difficulties with a problem, start to feel stupid, have no one to turn to, and then give up. Don't let that happen!

In the Break Diving H.A.C.K.ers community (Highly Ambitious Coding Club), you will find others from around the world who have already done what you want to do! In our chat rooms and on our message boards, we are all ready to help ensure you finish your App Academy Full Stack curriculum with flying colors! Once you're done with the program, you'll be a competent full-stack developer AND have built up hundreds of coding friendships at Break Diving. Sounds great, right?

Worldwide Coding Success Community

Break Diving members help one another solve problems and find success.

Gain the Support and Encouragement You Need

You are significantly more likely to finish your AppAcademy curriculum by regular participation in our community. Gain support, find answers, & work with others when stuck.

More Than Just Coding

At Break Diving, helping you fulfill your dreams is our mission. You can also practice foreign languages, share your favorite photos, share and laugh at funny jokes, and even learn how to develop a career in showbiz.