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We welcome any donations, even just $1!

Break Divers don't wait for opportunities to float to the surface--they dive right in to the cold and icy shark-infested waters of resistance and find and make their own breaks. Your donation will help us inspire, empower, and equip individuals worldwide to find their life passion, pursue their life dream, and realize their life's potential. Will you help us fulfill our mission?


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Scholarship Fund

You can also support us by contributiong to the Break Diving Scholarship Fundraiser

Are you ready to join us in making a difference in people's lives that will have lifelong benefits?

Help us raise money... so we can give it away! Each month, we try to give away a success scholarship to someone we deem worthy.

Break Diving, Inc.--a 501(c)(3) charity based in the USA--is trying to raise $600 to add to our scholarship fund.

83% of every dollar we raise via this particular fundraiser will be given away via our monthly success scholarships on our not-for-profit worldwide success community at www.breakdiving.io

With your donation, you can help Break Diving members across the globe achieve their dream of... pursuing their dream!


Make your tax-deductible contribution through Classy, the premiere fundraising site for charities!


You can donate using PayPal's Giving Fund and have your tax receipt emailed to you.


You can also start a Facebook Fundraiser for us. It's Easy. Visit Facebook.com/BreakDiving and click: "Start a Fundraiser".

We suggest $200 as your fundraiser goal.


YOU CAN ALSO DONATE VIA CHECK: You may also send your tax-deductible donation via check to: Break Diving, Inc. 12 Puritan Drive, Port Chester, NY 10573. Please include your email address and full legal name so we can send you a proper receipt for tax purposes. Thank you so much for your support!

NOTE: We are indeed a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, but please discuss with your tax professional to determine whether your contribution is tax-deductible in your particular situation. For example, only those who itemize their deductions are able to benefit from a tax-deductible donation.

Where does the money go?

In all cases, the money is sent directly to our not-for-profit within 45 days.

No money goes into the pockets of any board member or staff member in violation of the law or IRS guidelines.

Thank you for all your assistance. You can be proud that you raised money to help finance our many programs, and keep us in operation worldwide.